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Upcoming CCD & Youth Group Events

posted Nov 2, 2014, 4:01 PM by Saint Ambrose   [ updated Nov 2, 2014, 4:02 PM ]
Wednesday, Nov. 5: 10th Grade Ministries at 6:30 Mass. Kids should be at the church no later than 6:15.  PARENTS, you are all welcome to come and encouraged to attend. AND @ 7:00 pm before CCD Class, I would like to have a SHORT meeting to offer all students some ideas that I have for Youth Ministry. 
Friday, Nov. 7: Huddle-Up will be held after the football game. Kids, drop off a 2-liter bottle of a favor-ite drink and  a snack or chips at the Brethren Church prior to the football game. Pizza will be provided. Please contact Sharon  and Lee Morris or Gerald Jost for details. 
Saturday, Nov. 8: Soup Kitchen -- Youth Group members will be serving a meal at the Wesley Soup Kitchen, 301  W. 18th St. There will be two shifts open for workers: 9-11 am and 11am -1pm. We will need at least 8 members  on each shift. Youth group members participating will need to bring 2 dozen cookies/snacks. If you can’t work and  would like to send a dessert, you may do so. Please send an e-mail to to sign up for a  work shift and/or bring a dessert.