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We are a proud family of parishioners. We look back fondly at our beginnings and
forward to wonderful times ahead. Some of our milestones within the St. Ambrose
Catholic Church are:

 First baptism August 31, 1941 Wayne Marcus Halfmann (son of Mack and Emma Halfmann)
 First confirmation class (51 confirmed) May 13, 1945 
 First marriage August 26, 1941 Ernest and Annie (Havlak) Braden
 First communion class (10 students) May 31, 1941 Daniel Strube, Eugene Berger, Nolan Neihues, Clement Holtman, Ralph Englert, Alton Wilde, Harvey Mikulik, David Schwartz, Marcelyn Hirt, and Shirley Strube
 Blessing of Cemetery
 November 2, 1952 (All Souls Day) 
 First interment June 3, 1942 Adeline Mildred Jost, infant daughter of Elo and Elizabeth Jost
 First adult interment April 10, 1947 Frank Havlak, Sr
 First baptized May 18, 1941
 June 8, 1941
 Roy Joseph Kahlig and Annabell May Berger
Tempe Braden
(in parish at Methodist church in Wall)
 First silver anniversary  February 2, 1946 Mr. and Mrs. John Debus

Other notable milestones:
  • Number of baptized persons in St. Ambrose parish through March 19,1990 – 1,271
  • Father Alvin J. Wilde ordained May 13, 1961 by Bishop John L.  Morkovsky at St. Ambrose present pastor of Our Lady of San  Juan Church in Midland, Texas
  • Father James Plagens ordained December 18, 1965 at St. Peter’s  Basilica in Rome