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These are the priests who have served St. Ambrose with spiritual  guidance:

 1941-1958  The late Rt. Rev. Msgr. F.J. Pokluda, P.a.  Pastor
 1950  Rev. James Comisky Assistant in 1950 while Msgr. Pokluda was ill, present pastor of Christ the King Cathedral in Lubbock, Texas
 1950   Rev. B.A. Erpen Assistant in 1950 while Msgr. Pokluda was ill,  retired
 1952-1958  The late Rev. Jerome Vitek  Assistant
 1958-1959  The late Rev. Jerome Vitek  Pastor
 1959-1962  The late Rev. Joseph Walters  Pastor
 1962  Rev. James R. Aaron  Administrator, retired
 1962-1977  Rev. Bernard J. Binversie  Pastor
 1962  The late Rt. Rev. Msgr. Charles Dvorak  Assistant
 1977-1983  Msgr.  Kevin J. Heyburn  Pastor
 1983-1992  Msgr. James Plagens  Pastor
 1992-2004  Msgr. Larry J. Droll  Pastor, present pastor of St. Anns in Midland, Texas
 2004-2008  Rev. Tom Barley  Pastor
 Rev. Leonard Ekeanyanwu  Interim Pastor
 2009-2011  Rev. Mario Ortiz  Pastor
 Rev. Charles Knapp

 2011              Rev. Chinnapureddy Pagidela

In closing, we remember with special appreciation Monsignor Francis Pokluda who was instrumental in creating the St. Ambrose parish and who served as our first pastor.  Msgr. Pokluda was born in 1888 in Moravia, Czechoslovakia and was ordained in San Antonio in 1916. The priest served Texas for over 50 years and came to Wall after spending 30 years as pastor of St. Joseph’s church in Rowena. The monsignor died at the age of 70 on August 26, 1958. It was fitting that the Solemn Requiem Mass was sung at the St. Ambrose Church in Wall for the priest who touched our lives so deeply.