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ARISE Together in Christ

posted Jan 13, 2013, 10:46 AM by Saint Ambrose
Preparations are now being made for Season Four of ARISE Together in Christ -- New Heart, New Spirit. The six faith-sharing sessions will focus on the central themes of forgiveness and reconciliation. A number of parishioners are involved in the ARISE small group program. Experiences are shared in relation to Jesus’ message to help expand the growth of spirituality. YOU can join a group; YOU can start a group; YOU can facilitate group: or, YOU can have a group within your own family setting! Books are furnished by the Church and available in the Parish Office. If you are interested in any way, please contact a team leader: Jackie Droll (486-0800), Johnnie Mae Stice (651-6702, Alicia Sefcik (651-6649), Jeff Sefcik (651-6820), Jerry Sefcik (651-5455), Diane Weishuhn (651-7532) or Carol Whitehead (651-7740). What a great way to improve our spirituality in the new year and in this Year of Faith!