1. Pastor

2. Consultative Groups—policies, planning and action

a. Parish Pastoral Council

b. Parish Finance Council

3. Secretary

a. Secretarial Functions

b. Bookkeeping

c. Plant Oversight

d. Communications

4. Maintenance

a. Housekeeper—Dora Martinez

b. Maintenance—Roger Halfmann

c. Janitorial Services—Ofelia Martinez

d. Grounds—Roger and Becky Halfmann

e. Parish Hall—Building & Home Maintenance

5. Cemetery Committee—Mike Braden, Harvey Mikulik, David Mikulik,Bill Fuchs, Kevin Niehues, Steve Jansa, Frank Gerngross Jr, Jerry Multer, Daryl Schniers

6. Relationship with Diocese and Universal Church—pastor

7. Annulments—pastor, Louis Fohn

8. Construction—Building Committee

9. Parish Fall Festival—Four Chair Ladies, with another from Mereta

10. Volunteer Recognition—meals, outings

11. Special Events

12. Work days and clean up days

13. Parish History—Jean Wilde

14. Stewardship Committee

a. Annual Program

b. Volunteer Coordinator

c. Welcoming Committee

15. Long Range Planning Committee